Niels Robitzky aka Storm

Storm represents HipHop and Funk styles since 1983 and is one of the leading artists and pioneers in this field. Popping, Locking and Bboying, made him world famous. In the nineties he kind of won every competition there was. He formed the metaphysical infrastructure for a lot of dance events happening today, teaches with a unique didactic concept all over the world and is home in theatres, establishing urban arts. This website will give you the insight.

storm in classical context in Venezuela

My style has developed out of the strong will to become a superhero. That´s why the nick name given to me is "Storm". My artistic approach is based on displaying lightness in difficulty and communicating the dancecraft as a magic moment to share.



Urban dance education
throughout the year 2016 Storm is conducting the first University "Urban dance education" of its kind at the Bruckner University in Linz / Austria with Markus Eggensperger and Johannes Randolf. Each month Storm is travelling at least once to mentor his students in Linz to pave way for further professionalism.


Unpacking Performativity

the research Project "Unpacking Performativity" at atEZ Arnhem ended in November 2014 with the symposium: "A day of Performativity". Throughout the entire year of 2015 a book to the research was edited and is now finally available. here a few words from one of Storm's fellow researchers Bart van Rosmalen about the book:

A few more lines to introduce the book a bit further. A central guest in this project was the internationally wellknown Urban Dancer Niels Storm Robitzky. With him we, Gaby Allard, Peter Sonderen and myself, went on a nomadic tour sometimes diving into festivals and sometimes literally performing on the street. In Urban Dance we discovered fascinating new ways of learning, playing and researching. Making more and more circles our group was growing as if we were an Urban dance-group ourselves. It felt like the start of a movement with strong vibes. For me still the most inspiring research project of the last years with (just mentioning a few of the names involved) Falk Hübner Jur Jurskee Bouterse Tamara Rookus Daan Andriessen Barbara Philipp Kim Lokers Libertad Pozo Rodriguez Elisabeth Bogaard Fransien van der Putt Teresa van Twuijver Celine Gladpootjes and others. Now with a strong last effort from Gaby Allard the book is here! Beautiful storytelling in lots of illustrations and photo's together with the articles.

ISBN: 978-94-91444-25-8 title: Unpacking Performativity.

Storm: I want to thank all my colleagues for these exciting two years in dance research. here´s the link for direct purchases:


Storm on Arte

Arte made a series of documentaries on Breaking.
here is the link:

SERIOUS is there

Swiftrock, Sade and Storm created a fashion brand called "serious". Our starting products are "Mocknecks and Spincaps". The "Mocknecks" are improved in style and function in several ways and the "Spincap is revolutionary".

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