Niels Robitzky aka Storm

Storm represents HipHop and Funk styles since 1983 and is one of the leading artists and pioneers in this field. Popping, Locking and Bboying, made him world famous. In the nineties he kind of won every competition there was. He formed the infrastructure for a lot of dance events happening today, teaches with a unique didactic concept all over the world and is home in theatres, establishing urban arts. This website will give you the insight.

storm in classical context in Venezuela

My style has developed out of the strong will to become a superhero. That´s why the nick name given to me is "Storm". My artistic approach is based on displaying lightness in difficulty and communicating the dancecraft as a magic moment to share.

news 2014

My videoproduction for spring:

April 2014


June 2014
Here´s a link for a text iin english on "Proliferation of urban dance culture in Germany" on the site of the german Goethe Institut. Written by Storm

Here is a link for a text on "the origins of urban dance art" in Germany on the site of the german GOETHE INSTITUT. Also written by Storm

July 2014

SERIOUS is coming

Swiftrock, Sade and Storm created a fashion brand called "serious". Our starting products are going to be "Mocknecks and Spincaps". The "Mocknecks" are improved in style and function in several ways and the "Spincap is revolutionary".

The website and the webshop are under construction and soon to come. Up until now one can get the gear at

July / August 2014
Storm will teach at the following summer dance festivals this year:
The Week in Cesanatico
Camp of Hip-Hop in Tallinn
Summerskillz in Burghausen
Impulstanz in Vienna
IBE in Heerlen
August 2014

I will teach at Uferstudios in August. A kind of crash course in "Urban Basics". I will build a hierarchy of nested orders to evoke the notion of what´s needed to develop a skill within the dance-world of the urban kind.

A four day trip into the world of urban dances with Niels "Storm" Robitzky. The party dances of the early seventies show the basics of rhythm and form of many styles that became famous through the HipHop culture. With experience and a unique personal flavor Storm will build on these principles to get into the main fundamentals of the dance styles "Locking", "Popping", "BBoying/Breaking�,"Hip-Hop freestyle" and "House dance�.

Here´s the workshopdescription in german language:
Eine 4-t�tige Forschungsreise in die Welt der urbanen T�nze mit Niels "Storm" Robitzky. Die Party T�nze der sechziger und siebziger Jahre zeigen Basis von Rhythmik und Form verschiedener Tanzstile, die sp�ter durch die HipHop Kultur sehr bekannt wurden. Mit viel Erfahrung und seinem einzigartigen pers�nlichen "Flavor" vermittelt Storm darauf aufbauend die wichtigsten Grundlagen der Tanzformen "Locking", "Popping", "BBoying/Breaking�,"Hip-Hop freestyle" und "House dance�.

Tanzfabrik Berlin/Wedding, Uferstudio 12


August 2014
Next Episode for "Dialogic Movement" will be at Tanznacht 2014 at "Ufer Studios" on August 29th.

Dialogic Movement - Forum f�r urbane zeitgen�ssische Kultur - from Raphael Hillebrand on Vimeo.

„Lebhafte Performances - Beeindruckende G�ste - Fesselnde Gegenwart.� - So das motivierende und imponierende Stimmungsbild der Zuschauer, das beim letzten „Dialogic Movement� hinterlassen wurde. Die Choreographen Niels "Storm" Robitzky, Louise Wagner und Raphael Hillebrand geben dir erneut einen besonderen Anlass, Tanz als gro�es Ganzes wahrzunehmen. Du triffst mit „Dialogic Movement� auf ein szene- und genre�bergreifendes Tanzformat, das die aktuellen Str�mungen der Berliner Tanzszene detailverliebt zelebriert.

K�nstlerische Leitung: Louise Wagner, Niels "Storm" Robitzky, Raphael Hillebrand
Produktion: Tanja Engel
Musik: Klaus Janek
Schnitt: Ferry Dietel
Kamera: Alexandru Pasca
Veranstaltungsort: Radialsystem V Berlin
hopefully by then a 7inch record of Champion Sound, DJ Static and Storm will be released. Here's a video documentation of the day in the studio in Copenhagen:


all year round:

I am currently researching on "urban artistry". By 2015 my research group at atEZ Arnhem called "UNPACKING PERFORMATIVITY" will publish a book on the outcome of our research altogether and on all the events and meetings we had.

For November 17tha and 18th 2014 a Symposium is planned at artEZ / Arnhem.

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