Think Breaking

An Introduction into the Interpretation of Dance performances

“Think Breaking” by Storm is a comprehensive examination of the world of urban dance, and specifically of the dance style Breaking. The author emphasizes the importance of respect and understanding for the culture and those who created and innovated it. He underscores the significance of not only preserving urban dance culture, but also making it accessible to a broader audience. Here, he stresses how crucial it is to communicate the understanding of the complexity and poetic dimension of dance movements. The author explains the importance of semiotics in dance and how essential it is to understand dance as a communicative act. He delves into the cognitive processes necessary for evaluating dance performances and highlights the role of judges as experts who should contribute to fair and knowledgeable assessments, free from any bias and self-overestimation. Storm illuminates his efforts to establish a responsible and effective judging system that corresponds to cultural values and fosters trust in the scene. He addresses the challenges and responsibilities associated with the role of interpreting dance performances and introduces a thoughtful value system named Trivium. This system aims to ensure fair and competent interpretation and assessment through components of Physical Qualities, Artistic Qualities, and Interpretative Qualities. In “Think Breaking”, a holistic picture of breaking culture is painted, which appreciates both the dance skills and the intellectual engagement with this urban phenomenon.

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English Version
Think Breaking: An Introduction into the Interpretation of Dance performances

German Version
Think Breaking: Eine Einführung in die Interpretation von Tanzperformances